2021 CJFL Canadian Bowl Champions

Langley Rams

Schedule & Results

15 Oct Ram-shield-512-1.png Langley Rams20:44 Okanagan Sunsun.png View Details
16 Oct ValleyHuskers-logo-trns-big.png Valley Huskers0:34 Westshore Rebelsrebels-icon-1.png View Details
22 Oct rebels-icon-1.png Westshore Rebels0:38 Okanagan Sunsun.png View Details
29 Oct sun.png Okanagan Sun42:24 St. Clair SaintsSt_Clair_Saints.png View Details
12 Nov sun.png Okanagan Sunvs Regina ThunderRegina-Thunder-Logo.png View Details
23 Jul rebels-icon-1.png Westshore Rebels36:20 Langley RamsRam-shield-512-1.png View Details
30 Jul sun.png Okanagan Sun20:7 Langley RamsRam-shield-512-1.png View Details
06 Aug Ram-shield-512-1.png Langley Rams7:14 Valley HuskersValleyHuskers-logo-trns-big.png View Details
20 Aug Ram-shield-512-1.png Langley Rams24:6 Kamloops Broncosbroncos-head-only-800.png View Details
27 Aug VI-raiders-logo-trans.png VI Raiders13:24 Langley RamsRam-shield-512-1.png View Details
03 Sep ValleyHuskers-logo-trns-big.png Valley Huskers23:22 Langley RamsRam-shield-512-1.png View Details
10 Sep Ram-shield-512-1.png Langley Rams43:16 Prince George KodiaksKodiaks-jh-500.png View Details
17 Sep Ram-shield-512-1.png Langley Rams19:14 VI RaidersVI-raiders-logo-trans.png View Details
24 Sep Ram-shield-512-1.png Langley Rams10:42 Okanagan Sunsun.png View Details
01 Oct Kodiaks-jh-500.png Prince George Kodiaks16:29 Langley RamsRam-shield-512-1.png View Details
11/09/2021 Langley Rams22:1 VI Raiders
19/09/2021 Okanagan Sun0:7 Langley Rams
25/09/2021 Langley Rams22:0 Valley Huskers
02/10/2021 Westshore Rebels7:37 Langley Rams
09/10/2021 Valley Huskers4:27 Langley Rams
17/10/2021 Langley Rams34:7 Westshore Rebels
23/10/2021 Kamloops Broncos0:27 Langley Rams
30/10/2021 Langley Rams6:13 Okanagan Sun
06/11/2021 Valley Huskers39:8 Langley Rams
13/11/2021 Okanagan Sun4:7 Langley Rams
20/11/2021 Saskatoon Hilltops14:17 Langley Rams
04/12/2021 Langley Rams37:0 London Beefeaters


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